Strip Flooring

Strip Flooring


Strip flooring is typically made with laid out solid pieces of wood in parallel rows.

Baltic wood designs have character and match well with any home or office interiors. Their designs cater to both traditional and avant-garde tastes. Created specifically to withstand the wear and tear that comes with time whilst also being easy to maintain.

Cypress is a very durable wood and naturally resistant to termites, making it ideal for use in flooring. They’re unique from other species of timber and make for very gorgeous looking hardwood floors. They bring warmth and sophistication to any home.

Hardwood floors lend a timeless and elegant appeal to any home while being one of the most durable choices. Our range includes American White Oak, Wormy Chestnut, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Ash, Blackbutt, Ironbank, Spotted Gum, and Silvertop Ash.

Suppliers: Baltic, Cypress, Hardwood