Fibre Cement Sheet

Fibre Cement Sheet


Fibre cement sheets are strong and durable facade products used in buildings. They are versatile, user friendly, asbestos free, fire and termite resistant, light weight and cost effective. Our supplies come from a range of quality brands such as Durasheet, Cemintel, and Primaflex.

Durasheet™ is a general purpose sheet which can be used on both timber and steel-framed buildings. It comes in two thicknesses to suit both residential and light commercial fibre cement applications. 4.5mm is recommended for timber framed residential buildings, soffit linings, and the cladding of features such as gable ends. 6mm is recommended for commercial applications, cyclonic wind zones, and steel framed construction.

Cemintel Eaves Lining sheet are autoclave, cellulose fibre reinforced cement sheets with a smooth flat surface. Conveniently sized for use in the lining of eaves, available in 4.5mm thickness and a range of sizes to suit common eaves widths. Sheets are supplied with square edges.

PRIMA Flex is an eco friendly multipurpose sheet. The composition is Portland cement, cellulose fibre, ground sand and water. Available in a variety of standard lengths and widths. PRIMA Flex ™ sheets do not contain asbestos fibre or glass fibre.

Suppliers: BGC Innova, CSR Cemintel, Hume Doors & Timber PRIMA flex