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Builder marketing

Ways builders can use marketing

As a builder or small business owner, you would know that having a happy and satisfied customer is the top priority. You would also know that finding new clients and leads can be a big challenge. If you aren’t already, learning different ways builders can use marketing and implementing them can be a big help.

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Successful project management

It’s a well-known reality that construction projects often exceed deadlines, go over budget and get blown out of the original scope. However, it is not impossible to deliver a project on time, under budget and to the brief. Understanding successful management steps and tips can make your next project flow with ease and is ultimately better for your business. There a few key things to consider that are crucial to the success of your project:

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swimming pool renovation

Home improvements that don’t add value

Do it yourself home improvements can seriously bolster the asking price of your home. However, you should tread carefully when going down the renovation road and don’t get too excited undertaking major projects or renovations without know for sure that the money you outlay can be recovered in the sale of your house. We’ve listed a few big-ticket renovations that aren’t likely to increase the final sale price of your home. Read more

renovation to add value to your home

Home improvements that add value

If you are thinking about selling your house in the near future. You are probably also thinking about some low-cost ways to boost the value of the property. Luckily, there are a few simple DIY renovations you can complete yourself that will help push up the final sale price without undertaking a complete revamp of the kitchen or bathroom to add value to your home. Read more

rope tyre

Summer DIY hardware projects

With the onset of the festive season hopefully comes a little bit of downtime away from work. With Christmas and New Years Eve occurring during summer in Australia, there isn’t a better time to get outside and get creative with some DIY hardware projects. Whether it’s your first time at the hardware store or you are an old hand at the tools, we’ve compiled a list of summer projects that will not only spruce up the backyard but keep yourself and any children you have entertained. 

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