Granny flat in backyard

Building a granny flat: What you need to know

The typical Australian family is going through a bit of a lifestyle shakeup. In the past, the average home consisted of a couple and their children, who would out in as they came of age. More recently, the Australian housing market has shot through the roof, making it near impossible for young adults to enter the market, thus forcing them to linger under their parent’s roofs well into adult life. As a response to this change, a trend has emerged. Enter the granny flat. 

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Common contractor mistakes_ building frame

Top 4 Common Contractor Mistakes

Forging a career as a contractor in the construction industry can be a difficult task. It comes with peaks and troughs and won’t always be smooth sailing. You’ll likely have to work through and negotiate some tricky situations. Below we’ve listed some common contractor mistakes, so you can hopefully avoid them.

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Renovating a money-honey house

Avoid buying a money hungry house

Buying a house is a huge undertaking and house prices are a hot topic of conversation. You don’t want to accidentally spend your hard-earned money on a house that is going to cost you more money in the long run. Here are some helpful tips to avoid buying a money-hungry house.
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economically keep your home cool with a ceiling fan

Economically cool your home

As summer draws to a close, you might be expecting your latest energy bill to arrive in the mail any day now. After a slew of scorching hot days, you might not be surprised when the bill that arrives is larger than usual. Trying to economically keep your home cool is like walking a tight rope. There’s a fine line between blowing up the energy bill and keeping the temperature inside your home bearable.

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contract deal

How to win more contracts

One keyword. Relationships. Good, strong relationships are essential in the construction business. Nurturing and fostering relationships is fundamental to keep current customers happy, whilst also increasing your chance to win more contracts. In this sector, so much new business comes from word of mouth. A positive relationship further strengthens successful work. Thus making it more likely for that client to go on and recommend you as a contractor they trust.

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Timber offcuts coasters

5 creative ideas for timber offcuts

Throughout nearly any building project you are going to accumulate a pile of timber offcuts destined for the skip bin. But what if you could repurpose those scrap pieces of timber into beautiful homely features. Here are some creative waste-reducing ideas for timber offcuts. 

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