Building materials of the future

Building materials of the future

The building industry is constantly seeing improvements in materials, some tools and even certain techniques. So there should be no surprise that the next range of futuristic improvements is pretty much here. Whilst we don’t have a spaceship to take us to Mars, we seem to have been able to come up with the materials we are going to use when we eventually do get there (Martian Concrete). Let’s take a look at some of the building materials of the future that we can use at home, here on earth. Read more

Spending time after work with family

Great ways to spend time after work

We all know the feeling of summer inching a bit closer every day. The sun likes to rise a little earlier and seems to linger a little longer into the evening each day. With the suns rays comes a great opportunity to make the most of doing things we enjoy. Here are some ideas of great ways to spend time after work

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Tradies exercise

Why exercise should be a tradies best tool

As a tradie, you are probably aware your body is one of your most valuable assets for your job. And just like any other asset, it needs to be maintained regularly and properly. Being a tradie of any kind is very physical and can be quite taxing on the body; this is why exercise should be a tradies best tool.

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Thermo cladding

InStyle Timber Thermo Cladding

Timber cladding has always been a popular choice among homeowners, and it’s easy to see why – there is a huge variety to choose from, with each species and profile offering its own distinct, natural feel. The cladding of your home more often than not provides your first impression to visitors and guests, and as such the industry is constantly evolving to help consumers stay on trend. Read more


The lifecycle of an LVL product

LVLs start their life just as any timber product does, as a tree in a vast timber forest. The unique manufacturing process used to create LVLs means that when a tree deemed worthy to be an LVL, it is in for a wild ride. Read more