phone in bag

5 apps for builders to download

It’s no secret that phones have become an integral part of daily life. They give you the ability to call, text, check updates on deliveries and use the calculator all while streaming the best worksite jams.

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Sun wise on a building site

6 steps to survive summer this season

1 Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek & Slide

These five words are like an old Aussie proverb, but if you thought these wise words were just meant for beach goers, think again. As summer rolls around it is time to start putting these simple ideas into action.

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7 things to keep in mind when employing your next apprentice

1 What are the current holes in your business and is an apprentice the right person to fill that role?

Identifying the needs of your business prior to employing someone new is essential for finding the right person to fill that role adequately. Do you need someone to help out for a short period of time or is your business growing exponentially and therefore has the room for a new person to join the team long-term?

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