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How to win more contracts

Posted: February 14th, 2020

One keyword. Relationships. Good, strong relationships are essential in the construction business. Nurturing and fostering relationships is fundamental to keeping current customers happy, whilst also increases your chance to win more contracts. In this sector, so much new business comes from word of mouth. A positive relationship further strengthens successful work. Thus making it more likely for that client to go on and recommend you as a contractor they trust.

Strong relationships aren’t only for the outgoing and energetic tradie. There are many different ways you can cultivate these connections, ensure loyal, happy clients and make your business shine.

1. Know your client

In the construction industry, it pays to get to know your clients. Learning to pre-empt their needs and wants is a valuable skill that when developed can aid you in helping secure more contracts. Once you learn how to distinguish between different types of customer, you learn how to make your business malleable to how they would like their project to be managed. 

Some clients may require extremely frequent and open communication as the project is completed, while others may prefer less communication, with weekly, debriefs as to not interrupt their own working day.

Being able to recognize and meet client expectations from the get-go allows you to adapt and adjust to begin working with the client in the right manner even before you’ve secured the contract. 

2. Be consistent

It’s been said before, but consistency really is key. Whatever you consistently do, you’ll develop a reputation for it. This goes for good and bad traits. Consistently handing over projects on time and within budget will earn you a reputation for being reliable. But this is often easier said than done. Consistency comes down to setting specific goals and meeting them every time for every job.  Clients value consistency and meeting that expectation means keeping more clients happy, in turn making you win more contracts. 

3. Take it one step further

Going above and beyond is a sure way to earn respect and trust from a client. Consider what taking the next step after the job is done looks likes. It can mean offering the client after project services such as free maintenance for a period of time or connecting them with a service that they will eventually need such as insurance providers or cleaning companies. Doing so, not only exceeds the client’s expectation, it makes them feel respected as a customer and that you value their business. 

Even if something hasn’t gone to plan or if you make a mistake, always make every effort to correct and rectify the issue. Clients know things don’t always go to plan. They want to know that if an issue arises they can depend on you to efficiently amend the problem, even if it means going the extra mile. 

4. Use employees you trust

Synergy, trust and respect go a long way to building a team you can depend on. Anyone who is employed by your business must also work by the values you hold. Because at the end of the day they are working under your name. Ensure employees understand yours and the client’s expectations and then give the tools they need to meet these expectations.

You can say the same if you collaborate with another business for parts of a project. If you are responsible for bringing in the secondary business, then you need to be 100% sure that the standard they work to is in line with your own. 

Trusting your employees and other small businesses you work with goes a long way to building your reputation and also opens new avenues in which to win more contracts. 

5. Sell yourself

At the end of the day, your business and your work is your brand. Putting your name against your work solidifies you reputations and gives clients and potential clients a place to come back to when they are in need of the services you offer. View prior project and happy clients as ongoing advertising for your brand and always encourage happy clients to refer your business. Check out our blog Ways builders can use marketing for more ways to sell yourself.